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The Meaning of Little Life Truths

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 My name is Michelle and I have always had a thing for writing.  This goes back for as long as I can remember.  Even as a small child I would write short skits and put on shows for my Mom in our living room.  Although the only person I ever felt comfortable with my writing abilities to see was my Mother, God Rest her Soul.  Yet, after her passing in December 2002 after years of not writing my need to start writing had returned.  The need for writing returned with a vengeance when I was diagnosed with a Genetic blood disease called Hemochromatosis in 2012.

I have been sickly most of my life as was my Mother. If only there was genetic testing back in the 1980's or even the early 90s when my Mother's liver began to fail. Perhaps my Mother's life could have been prolonged. Not to mention that my own life may be prolonged had the doctors had done a Pre-Screening for Genetic Hemochromatosis.

Genetic Hemochromatosis is a genetic blood disease that is caused from both parents giving their child a mutated chromosome. Either a H65D or a C282y chromsome. I fortunately, or should I say unfortunately was given two matching mutated chromosomes of the C282y Chromosomes. Which is the worst mutation that can be life threatening if left untreated. Come to find out, I was left untreated and symptomatic for over 20 years before I finally found a physician that did the genetic test that confirmed my diagnosis of Genetic Diagnosis. It was positive. Hemochromatosis causes the body to produce mass amounts of Iron to the point of Iron Poisoning. This excess iron attacks one's internal organs from the Pancreas, Heart, Brain and Liver. By the time my diagnosis was confirmed in 2012 the Hemochromatosis and my extreme high levels of Iron had already attacked my Liver causing early stage Liver Cirrhosis. That was in 2012. Now we are up to 2020. In late 2019 my oncologist confirmed that my liver had progressed to last stage 3 liver cirrhosis and my condition had advanced to a Terminal diagnosis.

All of this could have been avoided if it was caught early via early detection, mandatory testing and treatment via Phlebotomy (blood letting or donation) through out my adolescent years and and I could have lived a normal live. But now, I am given a terminal diagnosis that is sure to take my life.

Which brings me to the reason I created Little Life Truths. To bring light on genetic illnesses and Chronic Illnesses that simple genetic testing and Public Awareness of some diseases that can eliminate others having to live a sickly and painful life as I have lived.

I have one simple goal before I leave this life: to help bring about mandatory testing of Genetic Hemochromatosis on Newborns or adolescent children. No one should have to be sentenced to death from a genetic disease such as Hemochromatosis like I have been when a simple blood test could allow them to live normal lives.

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Please Join Us In Raising Awareness for Hemochromatosis and Chronic Illness Awareness.

There are so many medications that doctors put s on to mask the pain. All this does is prolong the inevitable I believe that there are also holistic approached out there that can help us on our Journeys. From essential oils, candles and even incent forms. These medicinal items have a calming and soothing affect on our bodies. It's a proven fact and these essential oils if mixed properly can even cure certain types of ailments.

In this site I will give you the opportunity to purchase some of this essential oils or even purchase candles that I have already made with essential oils. Believe me when I say those of us diagnosed with a Chronic Illness and no cure to be found, as myself being deemed terminal. It is worth a try!

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